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The Science Of Social Influence And Its Application (Part I)

Social influence is something we do every day, maybe even every hour at work. It helps us to work well with our coworkers and clients to get things done, and done well. Influence is not for sales and marketing people also, even an everyday email at work may be an influence action. Basic, easy changes to our messages and to our requests can make them much more persuasive, influencing others to do things, and to work with us to get things done. Everyone’s ability to influence others can be improved by learning influence strategies that have scientifically proven to be successful. Participants will learn these strategies and principles during the training sessions and will have some opportunity to practice or summarize these in exercises or some basic take homework.

In this course, the influence topic is introduced, it is differentiated from seemingly similar topics such as persuasion and motivation, and two of the main principles are covered, with many examples given and supporting evidence provided.


Learning Objectives

To focus and discuss two of the influence principles:

  • Reciprocation – people want to trust and reciprocate to those who have helped them before, especially those who helped them to achieve their goals or they feel obligation to.
  • Liking – people trust and listen to others who like them (or are like / similar / connected to them).

Who Should Attend

This course is designed for business leaders and professionals in all industries and functions.  No pre-requisite is required.

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Prof. David Ahlstrom


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Course Details

Course: The Science Of Influence and Its Application

Course ID: ASI - 104

Medium of Instruction: All in English

Duration: A series of self-paced video sessions for overall about 2 hours. Recommending an additional 2-3 hours self-directed learning on other materials including readings and assignments

Course Fee: HK$2,100 / person

• Corporate rate: Please contact our education professionals for details. Tailor-made course design is ready for corporate/organisation, let us know your ideas.

• Alumni rate: CUHK/CUSCS/APIB Alumni can enjoy a 15% discount on the course fee.

• Continuous Learning Offer: Additional 5%, 10% and 15% discount will be offered to applicant who has previously completed 1, 2 and 3 course(s) of the Self-Paced Online Programme for Executives within 24-month period, respectively.

• Upon successful completion of any self-paced online course, 15% discount is available when applying Digital Leadership Series for Executives.

• Upon successful completion of any self-paced online course, you will also be eligible as an Associate Member of CUHK Business School Alumni who is part of the school’s network for future events organized by the CUHK Business School Alumni Office.

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