Programme Overview


Teddy is passionate about people development. His lively presentation and storytelling help me understand the real-life situations.

Participant of Leadership and Workforce Transformation in the Digital Era


Fireside Chat with Corporate Leaders

From left to right: Mr Teddy Li, Honorary Institute Associate, The Asia-Pacific Institute of Business, CUHK, Mr Stephen Leung, Country Manager of Pfizer Hong Kong & Indonesia and Dr. Toa Charm, Associate Professor of Practice in Management, CUHK Business School

From left to right: Mr Teddy Li, Honorary Institute Associate, The Asia-Pacific Institute of Business, CUHK, Mr Joe Wan, CEO, Tricor Hong Kong and Dr. Toa Charm, Associate Professor of Practice in Management, CUHK Business School


Guest speakers inspire the audience on team and talent development.

Participant of Leadership and Workforce Transformation in the Digital Era

The Sea Change in the Digital Era Comes with Abrupt Behaviour Changes

The business landscape faced sea changes ever since the emerging of digital connectivity. We witnessed the gradual evolution from the agricultural to the industrial era to the servicing industry era. All of us know that changes were never as explosive as for the digital era whereby the once archetypal world is suddenly democratised and fragmentised with each tiny effort from one single touchpoint able to ignite a complete and drastic upheaval of many of the once best practices globally overnight, and shaking many of the hundred-year business giants mercilessly who would be replaced by millions of new startups pushing the business frontage to relentlessly and seamlessly.

The once confined world, particularly the business world is suddenly becoming without limit.  The crux of the “physical world” once restraining our business operation bursts like a bubble, releasing all inner entropy adventitiously going out to the virtual world, a boundary-less arena where businesses can tap into for exploring their blue oceans. The sea change comes with abrupt behavior changes, not just for the consumers, the producers and all business corporates, but for all of us individually and collectively.

The Urgency for Business Leaders to Cultivate Their Teams to Live up to the Digital Era

As business leaders, on one hand, we need to strive for business expansion both offline and online, fighting against the conventional business incumbent to unleash the potential from their core business competence and reaching out to untapped market demands online. On the other hand, they have to manage their most valuable resources that fuel their business development and power their fast-paced progression on the online business – that is their human resources who are supposedly needed to be digitally competent and savvy to help the corporates to live up to the new digital era requirements.

Facing talent shortage on the digital front on one hand and at the same time carrying a large bunch of existing manpower in the incumbent businesses, how can business leaders transform their workforce swiftly to be digitally geared, and manage efficiently and effectively to ensure their digital armies are agile and volatile, thriving themselves and contributing to business performances in an aligned manner?  What human challenges are posted to the business leaders, and what alternatives do they have to face the harsh and tough competitive environment and to remain sustainable?


I am inspired by Dr Charm’s invaluable knowledge and experience sharing.

Participant of Leadership and Workforce Transformation in the Digital Era


Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the programme, the participants are expected to be able to:

  1. Acquire insights, gain knowledge on business models, and revisit or upbeat on human resources management practices and leadership skills.
  2. Master the leadership competence that management teams should possess to lead and drive a thriving team for sustainable business growth.
  3. Manage the sea change both internally and externally so that the company can survive and build a sustainable business.
  4. Transform workforce for the new business environment and spearhead all resources to achieve the corporate visions.
  5. Extend business network and share best practices with seasoned industry practitioners having similar vision and passion in driving business growth through understanding, managing and empowering their respective workforces.



Key Benefits

  • Certificate of Attendance will be awarded to participants upon completion of the programme
  • Special offer on Self-Paced Programmes for Executive subscription
  • Consultation sessions at special rates are available upon request
  • Becoming an Associate Member of CUHK Business School Alumni


Who Should Attend

This programme is designed for the following target audiences.

  1. Business owners, leaders and executives of large to small companies
  2. HR leaders and professionals
  3. Leaders and executives of corporate innovation teams


No pre-requisite is required.


Programme Curriculum

Day 1 Day 2
1. Change Management – Hard and Soft Sides of Change Management

  • Change management models
  • Psychology of change and how to apply
  • How to make a better choice on change models
 6. Culture and Corporate Strategy Alignment

  • Importance of corporate culture
  • Alignments of culture, strategy and performance
  • Cultural fit of employees
 2. VUCA and the Growth Model

  • Understanding VUCA
  • Implications of VUCA on the business environment
  • Stepping out from VUCA by new business model
7. Leadership – the Concept of Founder’s Mentality and Servant Leadership

  • What is leadership all about?
  • Concepts of founder’s mentality and implications
  • Instilling founder’s mentality in incumbents
 3. Revisiting Maslow – How to Motivate

  • Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs, what is it?
  • Implications of Maslow’s Hierarchy in developed economy vis-à-vis developing economies
  • Motivation theories and application
 8. Talent Management, Gig Workers and Impact on Business

  • What is talent?
  • How talent management helps organisations to thrive?
  • New generation talents and how to manage gig workers

Fireside Chat with Corporate Leaders


 4. Innovation Management – Ambidextrous Innovation Approach

  • What is ambidextrous innovation?
  • 70/20/10 rule of innovation
  • Disruptive innovation vs continuous innovation
 9. Talent acquisition strategies and practices

  • Talent acquisition vs talent development
  • How to attract and retain talent?
  • Employer branding
 5. Examples of Innovation Management Practices

  • How corporate institutionalise innovation as a function?
  • Examples
 10. Talent development, with particular focus on digitalisation and technology-based competence

  • New skills for future-ready talent
  • Talent development dimensions and strategy
  • Examples

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Duration: 2 days (Total 12 hours)

Programme Dates: 13 & 14 October 2022

Venue: CUHK Business School Town Centre (Central) or Live virtual class (Zoom)

Programme Fee: HK$15,500


Mr Teddy LIU

Mr Teddy Li, Honorary Institute Associate, The Asia-Pacific Institute of Business



Prof Toa CHARM

Associate Professor of Practice in Management, CUHK Business School

Director of Business Development, The Asia-Pacific Institute of Business




Programme Details

Programme Dates: 13 & 14 October 2022

Application Deadline: 23 Sep 2022

Medium of Instruction: English / Chinese

Duration: 2 days (6 hours per day)

Venue: CUHK Business School Town Centre (Central) or Live virtual class (Zoom)

Programme Fee: HK$15,500

Early Bird offer: HK$14,500 (register by 16 Sep 2022)

“Learn together” offer: HK$14,500 (enroll in the same programme with friends)

Remarks: Two applicants must enroll together at the same time in the same programme. Therefore, this offer does not apply to enrollment of two participants at different times or for different programmes.

Alumni rate: CUHK/CUSCS/APIB Alumni can enjoy a 15% discount on the programme fee

Corporate rate: please contact our education professionals for details

Continuous Learning Offer: Additional 5%, 10% and 15% discounts will be offered to applicant who has previously completed 1, 2 and 3 programme(s) of the Digital Leadership Series for Executives within 24-month period, respectively. This offer can be used in conjunction with other promotional privileges.




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