Energizing the Hong Kong Economy with Innovation in the Digital Age through a Corporate Innovation Index


Corporate Innovation Index


An innovation management and assessment tool to promote corporates' innovation culture and to enhance corporate innovation capabilities and achievements in both large and small corporates in Hong Kong.



What is a Corporate Innovation Index (CII) ?

In response to the SAR Government’s call for developing HK into an Innovation Hub of the Region, we propose to:

  • Establish a conceptual framework of corporate innovation that is suitable for HK in the digital age,
  • Develop a set of measurement matrices and recruit 100 corporates and 200 SMEs to participate in the Corporate Innovation Index ranking, and
  • For sustainability, (i) produce guidebooks and online, quick CII measurement tools; (ii) conduct workshops and training sessions for business leaders; (iii) repeat the ranking exercise.


This project is funded by the Innovation and Technology Commission (ITC) of the HKSAR, under the General Support Scheme (GSP).




This project aims to achieve the following five objectives:

  • Promote the awareness and importance of innovation to Hong Kong Corporates and subsequently the Hong Kong economy in the fast-changing, digital age,
  • Develop a Corporate Innovation framework and measurement instruments to assess the overall innovation spirit and culture of Hong Kong corporates, as well as to measure their innovation capabilities and achievements of individual Hong Kong corporates,
  • • Recognize top-ranked innovative Hong Kong corporates and facilitate participating corporates to benchmark with and learn from industry leaders,
  • Strengthen the innovation capabilities of Hong Kong corporates and business leaders in Hong Kong through education and training (e.g., through case study and best practice training on corporate innovations as they apply to Hong Kong corporates or to international corporates already operating in Hong Kong or considering operating in Hong Kong), and
  • Inform policymakers on the state and current trends of innovation in the HK corporate landscape in order to formulate or supplement public policies to advance the sustainability, competitiveness, and reputation of Hong Kong corporates, both at a local level and an international level.



Intended Impacts on the Innovation & Technology Ecosystem


  • Hong Kong Society
    • Strengthen innovation awareness and innovation culture for the companies and people in Hong Kong
    • Leverage innovation & technologies to drive long term productivity, job creation, and economic growth in the digital economy


  • Corporates and SMEs
    • Develop an innovation framework and measurement metrics unique to HK companies
    • Improve corporate innovation through benchmarking the CII performance with industry leaders


  • Business Investors
    • Provide a reference for large corporates to make investment decisions on innovation & technologies
    • Provide investors with a reference on the innovation capabilities of their investing corporates


  • Policy Makers
    • Provide objective and scientific analysis to formulate innovation and technology policies and schemes
    • Create a favourable, innovative business environment to attract innovative talent and foreign companies to Hong Kong


  • Tech Start-ups
    • Strengthen start-ups’ knowledge on the innovation gaps in corporates and SMEs



Support From Industry & Tech Ecosystems,
Sponsor Companies & Organizations


 Strategic Partner:

  • The Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce


Sponsors (in alphabetical order)

  • Amazon Web Services
  • Hang Seng Bank Limited
  • Hong Kong Cyberport Management Company Limited
  • Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation
  • IBM China/Hong Kong Limited
  • Jardine Restaurant Group
  • Joint Electronic Teller Services Limited
  • Prestique Limited
  • SAP Hong Kong
  • Tradelink Electronic Commerce Limited




Participate in Corporate Innovation Index Ranking

CUHK Business School is now developing a set of measurement matrices and  will recruit 100 corporates and 200 SMEs to participate in the Corporate Innovation Index(CII) ranking.

Join CII Survey

Open Forum and Pilot Study For the Establishment of a Corporate Innovation Index

Date & Time : 4 October, 2021 (Mon), 2:00 - 5:30pm
Venue : Live virtual (Zoom)
Language : English
Fee: Free Registration


The Corporate Innovation Framework in the Digital Age & Measurement for the HKCII

Prof. Waiman CHEUNG
Associate Dean (Graduate Studies), CUHK Business School
Co-Executive Director, The Asia-Pacific Institute of Business, CUHK

Keynote Speech on Corporate Innovation Development
Ir. Andrew YOUNG
(Associate Director (Innovation), Sino Group)

Panel Discussion - Corporate Innovation: The Myth, The Reality and The Future

Innovation has been a hot topic in the corporates and start-ups recently in SMEs as well. There are quite a few myth about innovation. Unfortunately, not many companies can make it work. What is the reality of innovation and where is it heading to? More importantly, how leaders can make Innovation work for their companies.
In the forum, we have invited leaders from large corporate, startup and SME to explore these areas with the participants.

Mr. Andy ANN (CEO & Founder, NDN Group)
Ms. Mandy CHAN (Founder, Frutodor Limited)
Mr. Horace CHU (Director & Chief Information Officer, Gammon Construction Limited)

Prof Toa CHARM (Director of Business Development, The Asia-Pacific Institute of Business, CUHK; Former Senior Executive: Cyberport, HSBC, IBM & Oracle)
Mr Patrick LEE (Convenor, Smart City Working Group, The Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce; Former Senior Executive: Inchcape, Intertek)

Panel Discussion - Measurement for CII

Prof. Waiman CHEUNG
Associate Dean (Graduate Studies), CUHK Business School
Co-Executive Director, The Asia-Pacific Institute of Business, CUHK


Open Form & Pilot Study

Event Highlights


Kick-Off Ceremony



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Email: apib@cuhk.edu.hk



Disclaimer: Any opinions, findings, conclusions, or recommendations expressed in this material / event (or by members of the project team) do not reflect the views of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, the Innovation and Technology Commission, or the General Support Programme Vetting Committee of the Innovation and Technology Fund.



(例如:企業治理相關和供應鏈創新相關)之發展,並促進香港各企業的企業創新能力和 成就。

該項目分為三個階段: 首先,為了幫助定義建議的企業創新指數(CII)的界限,我們計劃為香港企業開發合適的概念框架以進行創新。


其次,我們建議進一步開發評估個人企業創新能力和成就的衡量工具。為了開發此類工 具,我們將對香港的許多上市公司和非上市公司進行調查,並根據香港公司創新概念框架 的參數和度量對它們進行排名。


項目的第三階段將專注於CII的連續性和可持續性。第三階段包括:確定創新關鍵特徵和趨 勢,並建立可跟蹤數據,以研究和了解企業創新的發展和對香港的影響。通過在香港推廣 和公眾教育企業創新,以及提供相關企業培訓,將能突顯香港企業創新的主要特徵,並確 保香港企業創新持續趨勢。






(例如:企业治理相关和供应链创新相关)之发展,并促进香港各企业的企业创新能力和 成就。

该项目分为三个阶段: 首先,为了帮助定义建议的企业创新指数(CII)的界限,我们计划为香港企业开发合适的概念框架以进行创新。

其次,我们建议进一步开发评估个人企业创新能力和成就的衡量工具。为了开发此类工 具,我们将对香港的许多上市公司和非上市公司进行调查,并根据香港公司创新概念框架 的参数和度量对它们进行排名。

项目的第三阶段将专注于CII的连续性和可持续性。第三阶段包括:确定创新关键特征和趋 势,并建立可跟踪数据,以研究和了解企业创新的发展和对香港的影响。通过在香港推广 和公众教育企业创新,以及提供相关企业培训,将能突显香港企业创新的主要特征,并确 保香港企业创新持续趋势。