Financial Technology and the Evolving Landscape of Banking

Date :   18 January 2022 (Tue)

Time : 5:30 - 6:30p.m.
Language :   English
Speaker : Dr. Rajeev CHIB, Asia Pacific – COO Financial Institutions Sales & Solutions, Citigroup Global Markets Asia Limited

The landscape of Banking is evolving rapidly under digital disruption. With advanced financial technology, high-speed data feed can execute trades and update data multiple times faster than the traditional data feed does. Data feed management and optimization are now essential aspects of e-trading. New methodologies with computer-based and hardware-based solutions are available in high-frequency trading. Furthermore, the importance and focus on "Client Centricity", the use of FinTech solutions using AI, Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning along with data analytics is actively used to improve customer experience. Onboarding and documentation platforms are leveraging rule-based engines to improve customer relationship management. In this seminar, Dr. Chib and Dr. Shen from Citi will share with us their insights and experiences in high-frequency trading and customer experience solutions, the common problems, and new methodologies to deal with them.



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Dr. Rajeev Chib
Asia Pacific – COO Financial Institutions Sales & Solutions,
Citigroup Global Markets Asia Limited
Dr. Chib is a seasoned Capital Markets professional with 27 years international experience with leading banks based in Hong Kong, New York and Toronto. He is the Asia COO - Financial Institutions Sales & Solutions at Citi based in Hong Kong.

Dr. Chib is also passionate about Responsible Finance, ESG, Diversity & Talent. He is engaged with several committees and industry associations including the Co-Chair of the COO Markets committee at ASIFMA; FinTech Association of Hong Kong, Canadian Chamber of Commerce and various ESG and Citi Talent related task forces. He is also involved with several mentorship programs.

Dr. Chib received his Doctorate degree in Business Administration in October 2020 from City University of Hong Kong in Organizational Behaviour and leadership with a focus on the younger generation within Financial Services. He has a MBA (Executive MBA) and a BSc. in Quantitative Economics (with honors) from University of Toronto.




The CUHK FinTech Seminar Series is co-organized by the CEFAR Academy and the Asia-Pacific Institute of Business (APIB). Industry practitioners are invited to campus to share their areas of expertise.  We see the advantage of bringing together the academia and industry experts, providing a platform to carry out fruitful and productive discussions, encourage the exchange of ideas and promote future collaboration opportunities.  CUHK students may also widen their exposure and receive some enlightenment in their career development.

Date Details
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Mr. Alan Cheung, Senior Director, Applied Science and Technology Research Institute (ASTRI)
Mr. Andrew Lim, Head of IT, Hang Seng China

Prof. Raymond Tsang, Associate Professor of Practice / Career Advisor., Centre for Financial Engineering, CUHK

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Speaker : Dr. Rajeev CHIB, Asia Pacific – COO Financial Institutions Sales & Solutions, Citigroup Global Markets Asia Limited

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