Forum on AI Innovations in Financial Services

Date:     Friday, 5 July 2019

Time:    2:00 – 6:00pm

Venue: CUHK Business School Town Centre, Unit B, 1/F, Bank of America Tower, 12 Harcourt Road, Central, Hong Kong

Fee:       Complimentary to CUHK Business School & APIB alumni and affiliates

Keynote Speech: AI Innovations in Financial Services

AI is rapidly transforming the global financial services industry with its major analytical power. This wave of AI innovation is boosting growth in the emerging Fintech market, which is transforming traditional finance through things like cryptocurrencies, blockchain, robo-advising, smart contracts, crowdfunding, mobile payments and AI platforms.  In terms of financial inclusion, the increased application of AI to capital markets is likely to reduce barriers to entry for many individuals who might not have previously had access to financial markets.  However, Fintech offers opportunities and challenges.

In this session, the speaker will illustrate impactful AI innovations worldwide and how they are making a difference to the customers and the financial services providers.

Cases Sharing & Panel Discussion: Unleash the Power of AI to Bring True Values to Customers in Financial Services

Is AI a myth or a reality?  Financial services industry has a high expectation on what AI can deliver.  FinTech companies are working hard to leverage on AI to disrupt the traditional financial services providers and bring better values to the customers.  However, it seems that there are not too many successful cases.  AI’s disruptive nature also presents a great deal of uncertainty and many risks still to be addressed, including legal, ethical, economic and social.  Our question will be “Is AI so different from previous innovations that it could upend the laws of finance?”

In the panel discussion, the moderator will lead a dialog with leaders of AI start-ups and AI experts from financial services institutes to explore this topic.



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Time Agenda
13:30 – 14:00 Registration
14:00 – 15:30 Keynote Speech: Impact of AI Innovations in Financial Services
Dr. Toa Charm, Associate Professor of Practice in Management, CUHK Business School
15:30 – 15:45 Refreshment Break
15:45 – 17:15 Cases Sharing & Panel Discussion: Unleash the Power of AI to Bring True Values to Customers in Financial Services

Moderator: Dr. Toa Charm, Associate Professor of Practice in Management, CUHK Business School

Panel Speakers:

Case Study: AI/Big Data in Credit Card
Mr. George Lee
Director, Head of Digital Solutions

Case Study: AI/Big Data in Virtual Banking
Mr. Kenny Cheng
Head of Finance and Treasury, Virtual Bank

Case Study: AI/Big Data in Wealth Management
Mr. Ricky Wong
Head of Digital Wealth Management

17:15 – 17:30 Closing Remarks
17:30 – 18:00 Networking Reception


Keynote Speaker & Moderator

Prof. Charm has over 30 years of management, marketing, entrepreneurship, consulting and executive education experience in innovation and technology industry. He held senior management positions in leading multinational, Hong Kong and mainland enterprises including Cyberport, HSBC, IBM, Oracle, Kingdee and Jardine Pacific. Prof. Charm is currently an associate professor in CUHK Business School where he cultivates the next generation of digital leaders and entrepreneurs. He also chairs and advises a few elite AI/Big Data and FinTech start-ups in Asia.

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Panel Speakers

George Lee is a Market Development Director at Mastercard Asia Pacific (Hong Kong) Limited who helps clients transforming their business from traditional to digital in various way.
Before starting with Mastercard, George spent 10+ years’ works in Financial industries in Hong Kong and Singapore. After a successful career helping bank leads to digital transformation, George now works with Mastercard help expanding Digital Acceptance with various Mastercard product and service in order to deliver best-in-class solution to meet clients’ needs.
George holds a bachelor’s degree from University of Ottawa from Canada. He lives in Hong Kong with his wife and two children. When not traveling, George enjoys practicing for Kendo, and planning for the next adventure with the wife and kids.


Mr. Kenny Cheng is the Head of Finance and Treasury at WeLab Virtual Bank, operated under WeLab – a leading fintech company in Asia. WeLab also operates WeLend in Hong Kong, Wolaidai (我来贷), Taoxinji (淘新机) and Tian Mian (天冕) in mainland China and a fintech joint venture Astra WeLab Digital Arta (AWDA) in Indonesia. The company also offers B2B enterprise solutions through partnership with traditional financial institutions that utilise WeLab’s technology to offer fintech-enabled solutions to their customers. Before his current position, Kenny was the Group Head of Financial Planning and Analysis, supporting WeLab to achieve significant growth in recent years. He led the finance workstream on the virtual banking license application stage and he is now leading the setup and operation of finance and treasury function of WeLab Virtual Bank. Prior to WeLab, he was Regional Finance Manager at Standard Chartered Bank, advising the Greater China and North East Asia Retail Bank on financial management and strategic planning. He also played the specialist role to advise Retail Bank management team on balance sheet management and stress testing.
Kenny received a MSc in Professional Accountancy from the University of London, and a BSc in Quantitative Finance from the Chinese University of Hong Kong.


Ricky joined Convoy as the Head of Digital Wealth Management in December 2018. Prior to his current position, he worked in Fidelity International and has been managing the digital channels and propositions / distribution strategy since 2014. Being the Associate Director of Distribution and Strategy, Ricky has formulated the strategic partnership, management and development of comprehensive distribution, engagement and acquisition model for both existing clients and prospects. Before joining Fidelity, he was in Bank of America Merrill Lynch, where he served as VP, Asia Product Development responsible for designing and commercializing treasury management solutions for their corporate banking clients. Prior to that, he was the VP, e-Business at China Construction Bank (Asia) with a strong track record of driving revenue growth and customer acquisition through remote channels. Ricky began his career in financial industry at HSBC and held various roles within Strategy, Channels and Propositions of increasing responsibility in relationship management and service transformation over digital channels and customer service centre for their Commercial Banking. Ricky received his bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from York University in Canada.


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