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Our executive education received numerous positive feedback over the years. Below are a few selected testimonials we received.


"The immersive “Managing in China” program provided an invaluable overview of the Chinese business climate, from an all-encompassing practical and cultural perspective.  The knowledge and experience I gained from the excellent faculty and programs will be an advantageous asset as I begin my post-MBA career."

Veronica Sterling
Participant of Managing in China Program, jointly organized with Carnegie Mellon University, Tepper School of Business, US

"The program was superb! CUHK-APIB did a great job facilitating seminars and company visits both in HK and mainland China to provide us insight into the business landscape in China.  The faculty were of the highest caliber and taught us based on extensive industry experience.  The group presentations were a good way to apply what we learned."

Ohemaah Ntiamoah
Participant of Managing in China Program, jointly organized with Carnegie Mellon University, Tepper School of Business, US

"This two-day course provides insights into leadership, business strategy and management that I will continue to use everyday for a long time to come.  I had many ‘ahaa’ moments and came away feeling inspired to influence and ready to apply these excellent principles and tools.  Thank you CUHK Business School!  The course far exceeded my expectations." 
Jacqui Dixon
Group CSR & Sustainability Manager, Pacific Andes Group
Participant of Executive Program

"It is good and fun.  It allows me to re-think some of my own weakness in leadership, which I have ignored and forgotten.  The program objectives are achieved.  I will apply what I have learned at work."

Winnie Wong
Head of Marketing, Hong Kong Cyberport Management Company Limited
Participant of Executive Program 

"I must express my appreciations to the course speakers, who are professional and knowledgeable. Their excellent presentations made the class interesting & let me have great understanding of class contents. I'm also grateful to the hospitality provided by CUHK Business School, especially the leader, Ms.Wendy Lai and all related colleagues."

Fung Chin Wing
Engineer (Civil), Housing Department, HKSAR Government 
Participant of Housing Department Development Programme

"It was a very fruitful workshop which did not only improve my understanding of the changing operating environment, but also provided me blocks for tackling and facing them. Last but not least, the workshop taught me ways and tools of thinking at work smartly and efficiently. This systematic workshop, through many case studies, would definitely help me take up higher responsibilities in the days to come." 

Ko Siu Chu
Housing Manager, Housing Department, HKSAR Government 

Participant of Housing Department Development Programme



"The course was remarkable. We have learned a lot about how China and Hong Kong are rising and for sure will become the No.1 economy in the world."


Daiana Garbin Leifert
Reporter, Rede Globo
Participant of FGV - CESS International Residential Program, Brazil


"As the most innovative and dynamic bank in China, China Minsheng Bank is committed to investing in our most valuable asset — our employees. Through the partnership with the Asia-Pacific Institute of Business (APIB) of CUHK, our Hong Kong staff is provided with access to a world-class faculty, best practices, and latest know-how. The APIB is flexible in designing and developing customized programmes that align with our corporate values and meet the specific needs of our staff.  Also, running the programmes on the APIB campus allows our participants to enjoy the relaxing educational atmosphere while enhancing a wide range of knowledge and skills. I look forward to continuing our collaboration with the APIB and developing other customized programmes that further develop and benefit our business and staff." 

Management Team of Hong Kong Branch, China Minsheng Bank
China Minsheng Banking Corp., LTD. 
Partner of CMBC-CUHK Management Program

"A big thank you to all the professors and facilitators of the Grandmaster Program. During the 5-Day program held in the peaceful corner in Shatin, I truly experienced a world class executive education of CUHK.  The Program designed with an integration of corporate training and executive education from CUHK professors.  This makes the Grandmaster Program a unique one for us.   

With classmates from different Asian countries within the group, it brings me different angle of perspective and the cohesiveness with various function of our group company.  The session on influence skills is particularly crucial for a 21st century manager as we learned about how to apply different influential techniques under different situations.  Corporate Social Responsibility is also a hot topic on how to build the foundation of sustainable development and at the same time, contribute to the society.  

I do recommend every talents, prospective leaders or managers to experience the executive education from the Asia-Pacific Institute of Business of CUHK.  Only when the smart meets the smart would genius emerges."

Karen Cheung
CFO of AsiaWorld-Expo Management Limited
Participant of DHK-CUHK Management Program

“The MTR Advanced Management Program (MMP), provided by The Asia-Pacific Institute of Business (APIB), CUHK, is an intensive and comprehensive program that opened our mind in applying business management theory and practice within the context of MTR. In the 5-day program, we were stimulated to think not only from our own perspective but also from the perspectives of other divisions, other positions and even senior management. Much appreciated is the strong support and participation from senior management of MTR. Quite a number of directors shared with us and it provided opportunities for communications in a multi-dimensional manner. I was inspired by the senior management’s thinking as well as foreseeing and addressing problems in a practical way.  This is very useful to me.
Equally important is that we got seamless service support from APIB so it enables us to focus on learning. MTR Management Training and Development Department also did a good job in organizing this program with APIB. Teachers are proactive in drawing our participation in the discussion, facilitating us to learn effectively.”
Oscar Ho
Deputy General Manager-China Property
MTR Corporation Limited
Participant of MTR Advanced Management Program

“Very interesting and insightful to learn about Chinese culture and the various important elements of doing business in China.  The IIMA program at APIB, CUHK Business School provides an excellent learning experience that facilitates us to understand and apply what we have learned.  The high quality of the teaching, the group work with other classmates, the interaction with CUHK MBA students, the support from APIB and the beautiful campus are the things that I found enjoyable.”

Natalie Singh
Founder, Design Trail, India
Participant of International Immersion Program, Indian Institute of Management,
Ahmedabad, India (IIMA)

"I had taken a project on doing comparative analysis of Infrastructure development between India and China, and how Infrastructure development is linked to poverty alleviation and Equity. I got valuable insight into my project work from the faculty and its world class resourceful library.

The biggest insight I learnt during the stay at CUHK Business School was an insight into Chinese business culture and what psyche drives Chinese government to invest into public projects. The APIB program was very well designed to maintain the continuity with course schedule of IIM Ahmedabad. The company visits gave insights into the major companies in the far east market.

The program helped me in building my social and business network in Hong Kong, which proved quite useful in establishing my business in Hong Kong and China. I’d definitely recommend the CUHK Business School to anyone looking forward to advance his career especially in the Far East region."

Mrigank Ballabh Singh,
Entrepreneur (Apparel and Fashion)

Participant of International Immersion Program, Indian Institute of Management, 

Ahmedabad, India (IIMA)

…about the courses delivered by professors in CUHK, I personally enjoyed it a lot, especially Prof. David Ahstrom’s part. He was so passionate and his teaching was very inspiring.”

Erica Xie

Participants of  Asia-Pacific Talent Exchange Program, by Looker Education and 

APIB Business Academy for Young Talents

“The days in CUHK for me is a piece of wonderful experience. We have learned a lot and gained a lot here. It also makes a big influence on my life.”

Zhijie Qi
Participants of  Asia-Pacific Talent Exchange Program, by Looker Education and
APIB Business Academy for Young Talents