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About Us

About Us

The Asia-Pacific Institute of Business (APIB) is the executive education arm of the Business School of the Chinese University of Hong Kong. For the past 25 years, APIB has been providing the Hong Kong and Asian business communities with unique learning programs. Such programs have been designed for senior executives who will benefit from the Business School’s cutting edge research and pragmatic applications.

With over 100 full time staff in its faculty, the Business School’s research efforts have made it a leader in knowledge creation in many critical areas of current interest to the business. Committed to educate and serve, APIB applies important business theory to management practices in the Asian context.

To complement its capability for knowledge transfer, APIB proudly counts on its resource pool of over 50 management practitioners – current and ex-business leaders – whose insights are based on experience from the business world. This ensures that a good blend of theory and practice characterizes all APIB’s offerings.

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Advance your leadership capabilities, expand your horizons and get inspired by immersing yourself in our programs.