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FinTech Seminar: Are We Ready for the FinTech Revolution?


Financial Technology (FinTech) Seminar : Are We Ready for the FinTech Revolution?

Thursday 22 March 2018, 6:30pm – 8:30pm

CUHK Business School Town Centre, 1/F, Bank of America Tower,12 Harcourt Road, Central, Hong Kong
Medium of Instruction: English
Program Fee: HKD300 ; CUHK Student/ Staff/ Alumni HKD150

Speaker : Dr. Toa Charm
- Chief Public Mission Officer, Hong Kong Cyberport
- Adjunct Associate Professor, CUHK Business School
- Advisory Board, Pre-Incubation Centre, CUHK Business School
- Founding Chairperson, Big Data SIG, Hong Kong Computer Society
- Founding Chairperson, FinTech SIG, Hong Kong Computer

Financial Technology (FinTech) is a hot topic in not just the financial world but also all types of industries and all walks of lives. You may hear the buzz words, such as, mobile payment, crowdfunding, P2P Lending, Blockchain, Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT), Bitcoin, Crytocurrency, Initial Coin Offering (ICO), Robo-Advisor, Social Trading, etc., every day. How much do we know about these technologies? More importantly, what do they mean to our businesses, jobs, and even daily lives? Apart from influential financial services institutions and technology giants, a number of start-ups led by brilliant minds and backed up by leading venture capitalists around the world have innovated amazing financial technologies and applications. They are disrupting if not eliminating the current industry leaders and practically all walks of lives. The FinTech Revolution is for sure coming and it's not an option for us to neglect it. Are we, as business leaders, ready for the FinTech Revolution? In this seminar, Dr. Charm will clarify the concept of FinTech, introduce some of the world's innovative financial technologies and applications, explain the implications of FinTech to businesses, and most importantly provide advice on how business leaders should prepare for the FinTech revolution and bring FinTech into their businesses and operations.